Random things I noted

How I read books: https://denzhadanov.com/how-i-read-books-a-guide-on-how-to-learn-a943123a4aeb https://medium.com/@maartenvandoorn/the-complete-guide-to-effective-reading-fc1835937757 Mental model affects perception -> decisions -> actionsMore

Absurdities in Turkish that Turks aren’t aware of

Ok. Languages can’t have absurdities, each one of them has their unique evolutionary path, and they end up with something which is not designed by a single and reasonable mind. But you may unintentionally (and undeservedly) have such an expectation when you are learning a new language. I remember myself questioning interesting unexpected rules that…More

The guilt of scrum. [draft]

There is no guilt in scrum. There isn’t supposed to be. a few times, i couldn’t complete my tasks during the scrum. since we work with devices with lots of hardware and software dependencies, also lack of knowledge on the overall system. it happens. I t I have just found this article which points out…More